LoFi transform you into NFT Avatar

LoFi transform you into NFT Avatar

NFT Avatar on the Metaverse

“The world is more interested in which tokens and NFTs are in your wallet right now, rather than yourself.” Users can be whoever they like to be using NFT avatars through streaming and expressing their values. LoFi as a central connector in the Metaverse can make it happen outside to the inside and vice versa.  

NFT avatars are algorithmically generated digital images of cartoon, pixelated, or animated characters that are in a "profile picture" format. Each NFT avatar is entirely unique, with an array of distinguishing traits. It can be used in various usecases such as V-Tuber streaming with an NFT avatar or expressing their values to make their voice heard on SNSs.  

In the world of LoFi, NFT is more than just a means of entry. Users can turn into their favorite NFT and infuse ingenuity free and openly, all while exploring the LoFi metaverse, broadcasting, building value-adding assets, customizing personal spaces with creativity, and communicating with other NFT holders.

The NFT moves and speaks exactly just like you. Do not waste your NFT anymore and have a voice to be heard through NFT. You can vitalize and personalize your favorite NFT avatar without limitations and make it the actual yourself. Connect your wallets to Lofi, choose your avatar, and play with it. It's all set.

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