Increase value by inducing active community participation

Increase value by inducing active community participation

Unlike the traditional art world, the world of NFT is a place where artists must actively explain/promote their paintings and interact with collectors. If you wait with your arms crossed after you finish drawing, there is a high probability that nothing will happen. That is why it is essential to go around and actively market why your work is valuable and how artistic it is.

The NFT scene is a very close interaction between collectors and artists. So, depending on how well you interact, your NFT can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the end, it is an area that can be the key to how well you persuade and how well you can use the keyboard in common words.

You don't even need to be exposed to too many people. Convincing just one collector can make your NFT journey successful. In the case of an artist I know personally, I happened to meet an NFT collector and got a promise that the collector would buy all NFT works to be published at a high price. With just one mind moving like this, your NFT can become a so-called "Rocket".

Let’s make something together, say hi.