Incorporate aesthetic and narrative elements into NFT

Incorporate aesthetic and narrative elements into NFT

Narrative is one of the biggest factors determining the value of NFT. Here, narrative refers to episodes or dramas woven in human language, such as myths, ideologies, fables, tales, and personal histories. In the case of Beeple, whose work is priced in the tens of billions of dollars, the color of North American political satire riding on crypto culture is very strong, and some call it a crypto narrative. Since the cryptocurrency community is crowded with people who do not like the current politics and central system, there is a possibility that the price of the work will be definitely set if it is covered with political satire, the contents of the Bitcoin white paper, etc.

But personally, in the case of the NFT market, it is not limited to coin narratives and crypto narratives, and I would like to see a wide variety of narratives unfold. NFTs with too much crypto narrative are frowned upon and deeply exclusive. Maybe that's why, for the fortress, various genres of NFTs outside of crypto-narratives are emerging, and the public and artists who do not know the coin are being incorporated into the NFT market one by one.

The success of the project depends on whether you understand the characteristics of the market. We identify these points in advance and try to apply them to the market.

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