Korean Startup Intellectus Corporation Leads the Way in Data Fabric-Based AI Solutions for Smart Industries

Date : October 04, 2023

Company : Intellectus Corp.

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Intellectus Corporation for data management 

In an era driven by data, Korean startup Intellectus Corporation is making waves with its innovative approach to data management and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Specializing in the mobility,

smart factory, smart city, and digital twin industries, Intellectus Corporation has carved a niche with its flagship product, ‘Knowledge to Act,’ which addresses the persistent issue of data silos that hinder companies from harnessing the full potential of their data.

Traditional database management systems have long grappled with processing challenges when dealing with large datasets.

The complexity arises from the vast volumes of data generated over time or in real-time, such as social media feedback or sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

This data can be both structured and unstructured, adding a layer of complexity to data management.

Revolutionizing Data Management

Recognizing these challenges, Intellectus Corporation has introduced a modern solution based on data fabric technology

This technology allows enterprises to keep their existing data in place while gaining the ability to extract valuable insights, optimize operations, and make informed decisions in real-time from all data sources.

At the core of this innovative approach is the concept of a data fabric.

It involves integrating and connecting data from diverse sources, making it accessible through a unified view.

This integration process includes mapping data from legacy databases, data warehouses, cloud services, or streaming platforms using APIs and data virtualization connectors.

Once the data layer is established, businesses can access and query the data as if coming from a single source.

This revolutionary data fabric technology eliminates complexity and ensures data quality, allowing organizations to maximize the potential of their enterprise data.

Expanding Horizons

Intellectus Corporation’s data fabric-based customized AI solutions have applications in various sectors, including mobility, smart factory operations, robotics, and meteorology.

The company’s technical assets encompass data virtualization, data governance, information retrieval, and automated machine learning (AutoML).

Intellectus Corporation has secured several projects in the smart factory (digital twins), autonomous driving, and meteorology sectors, generating an impressive revenue of $5.1 million for the next five years.

This success underscores the growing demand for smart city and digital twin solutions, particularly in the Middle East, where efficient data management and processing have become essential for maximizing profits.

Expanding its reach, Intellectus Corporation has made inroads into the South East Asian region.

The company recently secured contracts with a local firm providing meteorological devices to government agencies in Thailand and Malaysia.